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We are offer apriaries and bee keepers

across the nation the opportunity

to be a part of the solution!

The apis Sanctum logo is a symbol that lets everyone know that

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Together we can make a difference

together we can save the bees. 

North American agriculture consisted of less than 9 crops before the introduction of the European or Western Honey Bee.


Maize, Pumpkins,

Wild rice,






and Avocado.

The main source of meat was fish, venison, and buffalo,

and we don't have any more of one of those.


This is call for a combined effort nationwide to repopulate the Apis Mellifera (Western Honey Bee) in the wild of the United States. By utilizing studies conducted by Thomas D. Seeley

(Horace White Professor in Neurobiology, Cornell University) and his team in

the Arnot Forest spanning over more than a decade, we have developed a three stage preparation process which will increase the survivability and decrease the infestation rate of Varroa Mites in Honey Bee Colonies which will eventually (once producing native varroa resistant generations) be freed for continuous reproduction of the hive.

We have the method, now all we need is the means. By becoming a part of the apis Sanctum cause you are not only helping us, but yourself, your family, and everyone's future by ensuring a continued and ample population of Western Honey Bees for the natural pollination of the food we all eat.



For more information on the process and

how you can help the honey bee

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Whats New


November 28, 2016

The Holidays are coming everyone and now is your chance to give the gift of charity, Sponsor a Bee at the apis Sanctum facility in a loved ones name and enter them in a chance to win a free apis Sanctum "I Supported" T-shirt ! $5 to sponsor a Worker Bee and get one entry into the raffle, $10 to sponsor a Drone and gets two entries into the raffle ! All Proceeds from the raffle will go directly to funding the apis Sanctum cause. Get yours Now !

Bee Meme Contest !!

November 28, 2016

Hey Everyone, Head over to our Facebook page, we are having a Bee Meme Contest ! post your Bee Memes and tag apis Sanctum to submit your entries. The winner will be announced this Sunday and will have a Bee named after them as well as a picture and certificate for your bee. Best of luck to all !!!

November 21, 2016

Check out our new Market Place and grab your Exclusive " I Supported " Gear !! This set of apis Sanctum products will only be available Before the launch of the kick-starter and then never again. This is your chance to be the first to support a great cause and receive something unique in return!  

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